Grateful for the Past, Excited for the Future

We want to thank all of our Nomwellians for your feedback over the past half-year! Ever since we released the beta version to friends and family (and many new friends through word-of-mouth), we've heard plenty of what people love about Nomwell, as well as what could make it even better. Thank you, testers! Your feedback was like gold.

We've been working diligently to incorporate all of the great suggestions from the beta test into Nomwell. We think you'll find the wait well worth it. So with that said, we are happy to announce: Nomwell is officially launching soon!

What does that mean? Firstly, a much sexier app. (You heard me.) We've incorporated your feedback into an extensive interface overhaul, making the app more intuitive, easier to use, and just downright sexier. 

Secondly ...well, you'll just have to wait and see! We have two big feature additions that many, many of our testers requested. And what our users want, our users get! 

Thirdly (Wait, there's even more fun surprises? Is this Christmas???), we have a neat little something coming for Nomwell's beloved hometown, Chicago. Unfortunately, we need to keep the lid on that gem too. 

So I guess this post isn't much more than saying: stay tuned! As much as we wish we could tell you everything that we have tucked up our sleeves, we're just as excited to show you. (In the meantime, follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for a few sneak peeks.) And we're even more excited for you to use them to find new restaurants you love. 

So stay tuned, food-loving friends. Delicious news awaits.